Hey everyone!  Coach Jack here, and I’m so excited about all of the great activity I’ve seen over the past few months at WinIt2011.com, where we’re helping dealers get in the game with car shoppers. 

This month, we’re focusing on building a solid game plan for managing your online reputation, and many of you have already posted some great tips on the Winning Plays board for differentiating your stores with reviews.  Let’s take a look.

  1. You’re running a smart offense and making the ask.  Buying a car is a pretty exciting experience – maybe even more so than scoring a touchdown or making a game-saving sack.  You’re making the most of that excitement by asking your customers for their feedback, right at the point of sale.  You’re also making it easy for your customers by passing out “how did we do?” cards directing them to your review sites and sending follow-up e-mails right after a purchase with links to your review sites.
  2. You’re tapping into your fan base.  You’re an All-Star player when it comes to maintaining relationships with your customers, and you’re using that to your advantage.  You’re inviting your roster of satisfied past purchasers to provide their feedback, making them a part of your winning streak and giving them the opportunity to bring more fans into the fold. 
  3. You’re giving customers the kind of great experience they’ll write home about – or share with their peers!  A great review MUST start with a great experience.  You’re building great relationships with your customers by treating them like the MVPs they are, and you’re making them feel like part of the team between purchases with e-mail newsletters, courtesy calls, promotions and service specials.

If you haven’t done so yet, check out my video at WinIt2011.com for more tips on managing your online reputation, then head over to the Winning Plays board to share how your store is “In It To Win It” with car shoppers.  Don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes for your chance to win an iPad 2!