Hi everyone, Coach Jack here, and I’m so excited to hear about all the ways your dealership stepped up their game with Mobile in October.  In particular, you understand just how easy mobile devices make it for your customers to research vehicles, search inventory, compare prices, watch videos – and share their experiences with their networks.  In fact, a recent Comscore study revealed that about 72.2 million Americans access social networks and blogs with their phonean increase of 37% just in the past year, showing just how important it is to factor social media into your mobile strategy.

Let’s take a look at how you’re incorporating social media into your mobile game plan.

  1. You’re staying active in the social media space.  You’re powering your social media presence with timely, relevant activity. You post daily (or more often!) with exclusive promotions, news from your store and videos, and you tweet on-the-go using your favorite mobile apps.  
  2. You engage, listen and respond with mobile.  You’re not just watching from the sidelines – you’re participating.  Many of the MVPs sharing their game-winning plays at WinIt2011.com are using their smartphones to respond quickly to Facebook comments, questions and mentions of your store, and they’re responding to and re-tweeting customer posts on Twitter.
  3. You’re showing customers you appreciate their business.  You’re using your smartphone to shoot testimonial videos and take photos of recent purchasers and service customers, and you’re using your mobile device to quickly upload this content to your social media channels.  Mobile also makes it easy for your customers to share this content with their own networks, helping you grow your brand through word-of-mouth.  

Keep up the great work, team!  If you haven’t entered the “In It To Win It” Sweepstakes for Mobile, there’s still time!  Head over to WinIt2011.com by the end of the day on Sunday to enter for your chance to win an iPad 2, then huddle back up on Monday, when I’ll share my game-winning plays for managing your online reputation with Dealer Reviews.