A robust mobile website for your dealership lets you do more than advertise your listings with on-the-go shoppers. It also positions you to win – or save – a sale when the customer’s on the lot. Let’s look at four situations in which this tool can help move the metal.

1. Shoppers may not like the car they came to see. If that’s the case, be prepared to suggest alternatives from your inventory. If customers are unfamiliar with the models, they can access independent reviews from their mobile device. The last thing you want is to have them leave the lot and then hope they’ll return after doing their research.

2. The buyer could challenge your sales price or trade-in evaluation. Rather than appear defensive, demonstrate that your price is competitive and your offer is fair. Third-party tools such as online appraisals, Kelley Blue Book’s Used Car Values and Cars.com Smart Target Price, for example, provide credible, objective information. They also create transparency in your sales process.

3. Shoppers may not think they can afford the vehicle. Give these prospects peace of mind with an online payment calculator. After entering the car’s price, the interest rate and loan term, customers know if they can move forward. Alternatively, they may need to look at other vehicles or make a higher down payment.

4. The buyer could have a poor mobile internet connection. Rather than watch them grow frustrated and leave to do their research elsewhere, invite these folks into your store. Offer them the use of your computer and some privacy to complete additional research. Then be available to answer any questions.

While a well-designed mobile website typically connects you with lower-funnel customers, don’t take the sale for granted. Work to build rapport and follow your sales process – just as you would with a traditional online customer. Today’s on-the-go buyers literally have the power of the internet in the palm of their hand. Fail to match them with the right car or earn their trust, and they may just use it to reach out to your competitors.