By Bobby Malatia, Kain Automotive

It is no secret that the used-car market is sustaining many dealerships across the country as the public is inquiring less and less on new cars. Unfortunately, this increase inactivity does not necessarily translate into more sales if the opportunities are not being handled correctly. 

The majority of these increased opportunities are through phone calls. If your team is not trained to handle them properly, then you will not see the added sales you are expecting.   

Incoming phone calls are not as easy to handle as you might think. Even under the perfect situation – like when you do still have the vehicle the caller is interested in, or the price is what they were expecting – you can still cost yourself a sale if the wrong things are said, or worse, the correct things are not said. 

The easiest way to address this situation and start creating immediate success is by implementing a simple strategy of controlling the conversation by using three simple word tracks and then providing a simple description before asking for the appointment. 

1. “I can certainly check on that for you. By the way, my name is John Smith. May I ask with whom I am speaking?” 

This is effective, because no matter the caller’s question, we want them to know that we will check on the answer to provide them the best service. Once this is done, it provides you with the perfect chance to capture their name and control the conversation from the beginning. 

2. “While I am looking this vehicle up, let me ask you, if I come across one that is similar to this one, but is a better value, is that something you would be interested in?” 

Doing this allows you to let the caller know there are many vehicles to choose from, and most callers are looking for the best deal. You are just offering your expertise in finding that vehicle. 

3. “Have you ever purchased a vehicle over the internet (or you could say from [dealership name]) before?” 

The power of this question comes from the answer it provides and the set up it will give you. Whether they say “yes” or “no,” this question provides the perfect way to describe your process, helping to alleviate any fears the caller may have of visiting your facility. 

Once you get your answer to question No. 3, you will want to describe your process. 

Sell the caller on what happens during an appointment, using positive points that all consumers want to hear. 

This will be most effective if you describe it as it truly is at your store. Will they work with a salesperson, manager or you? And will you show them the vehicle first or look at their trade in first, etc.? 

You will want to sell your process, but do not oversell it. Once you do this, you will want to ask for the appointment. Using this combination of process description then asking for the appointment will create more successes.   

Implementing these simple word tracks will allow your team to take control of the conversation while increasing your appointment ratios. 

You do not have to overhaul everything you do on the phone, just add these simple tactical techniques. You will create instant successes and more sales with your used-car phone opportunities. 

This article used with permission from Kain Automotive.