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Are you a new internet sales manager? If so, you’re probably familiar with the challenges and rewards of being in this exciting position at your dealership.  In this podcast, we’ll offer our top three tips to help you get started on the right track and achieve the long-term results you want.

  1. Manage expectations. Internet sales often occur on a different timeline than showroom sales. While a customer on the floor might buy that day or within 72 hours, online shoppers may want more time to make a decision. Understanding this difference keeps you motivated to follow up with shoppers – sometimes for as long as 45 to 90 days. It also reminds you to keep your management team current with the status of the leads you’re pursuing and the number of sales you’re closing.
  2. Find a way to connect. With internet customers, you must begin communicating and building rapport as soon as possible in the sales process. Whether via email or the phone, your ability to win the deal hinges on making a personal connection and establishing your professional credibility. Car buyers prefer to purchase from people they trust. How should you begin? Asking questions about the shopper’s needs provides the information you need to identify suitable cars and opens the door for an appointment. It also creates the basis for an ongoing conversation.
  3. Know your inventory. Because car buyers often purchase a vehicle other than the one they initially consider, you must be familiar with all of your store’s listings. As you continue to qualify customers during the shopping process, you can use this knowledge to match them with the most appropriate car. This approach both increases the likelihood you’ll win the deal – not your competitor – and positions you to win repeat and referral business.

Congratulations on becoming the ISM for your dealership! You’ve entered a challenging and exciting role, one that plays an integral role in your store’s success and can fuel your career development.

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