Most car shoppers are tight-lipped about sharing their information. But if you follow these ideas from other dealers, you can get them to tell you if they’re Internet shoppers, and they’ll never have to say a word.

Reserve their space.
It takes connections to earn a reserved parking space. So when your shoppers connect online, be sure to tell them you have a Reserved Internet Parking Space on your lot just for them. When they pull in, you’ll know who the Internet shoppers are, so you can give them special treatment from the start. Some dealers even have the vehicle the shoppers came to see waiting for them in the adjacent parking space, ready for a test drive.

Pinpoint the price.
Internet pricing is another way to identify your Internet shoppers. Use a slightly different price in your online ads than you do in offline. The difference can be subtle, such as prices that end in “88” versus “99.” When they tell you the price they saw, you’ll know where they were shopping.

Cut through with coupons.
Your Internet listing also can feature exclusive coupons for special offers in the Seller’s Notes, such as a coffee shop gift card or an Internet-only discount on a service. In addition, using unique coupons for each of your different advertising mediums will help you determine the effectiveness of each medium in driving traffic to your dealership.

Use your lead source.
Tracking Internet traffic is much easier with working for you as a lead source. Here are four ways helps you identify Internet shoppers.

1. Walk-ups. When shoppers visit you on, they have the option to print out a map and the listing for your dealership. This helps you identify these walk-up customers as shoppers. You will also have a report on the number of shoppers that printed out the listing, so you can track how many walk-ups came through the Internet.

2. Phone-ups. Each dealer is provided with a dedicated toll-free number for new and used vehicle traffic from This allows to track phone calls from interested shoppers, and report them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, if you have the Call Whisper from, you will be notified immediately before the call connects that the call is a Internet lead.  Make sure all the individuals answering your phones are trained on Call Whisper as well.

3. Email-ups. Using email is another smart way that lets you know when you’re connecting with an Internet shopper. These emails come directly from your listing, and they’re immediate, informative and indispensable in tracking Internet traffic.

4. Website traffic. does more than drive traffic to your website, we also help you track it. This traffic is recorded in clear reporting that shows how many visitors accessed your dealership’s site through