Our Audience

The Cars.com audience is unduplicated, engaged and motivated to find a place where they can buy, sell or service a car. Take a look at some of the numbers:

We receive 31.5 million visits each month – and counting. And more than 16 million of those visits come from mobile phones.¹

About 36% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2015 were sold to people who researched on Cars.com.²

And, independent research sites like Cars.com are more effective for consumers in the car buying process: They’re twice as important as TV ads, 10 times as important as radio ads and 21 times important as newspaper or magazine ads.³

57% of Cars.com visitors plan to make a vehicle purchase within the next six months.

7 out of 10 Cars.com shoppers are undecided on where and what to buy.

And compared to its competitors, Cars.com’s visitors are more open to any make and model when they first begin to shop.

The numbers don’t lie: Cars.com shoppers are motivated, engaged and open to influence. Get – and keep – your dealership in front of them with advertising products that work harder for you.



¹ Cars.com internal data, May 2016

² Oracle Data Cloud, March 2016

³ MaritzCX New Vehicle Customer Study, February 2015