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Display Ads – Skyscraper


    • Ad Dimension: 160 x 600
    • Max File Size – Non-Rich & Rich Media Initial Load:
      • Static: 40K
      • HTML5: 200K
    • Additional Rich Media File SizePolite Download:
      • Rich Media: 300K
      • In-Page Video: 1.2MB
    • Accepted File Types:
      • JPG, GIF, PNG
      • HTML5
      • Third-party tags from approved vendors
    • Animation:
      • Total length: 15 seconds
      • Maximum number of loops: 3
    • Animation Frame Rate: 24 FPS max
    • Audio:
      • Must be user initiated (on click: mute/un-mute)
      • Default state is muted
    • Expansion: Downward, user-initiated
    • Linking Strategy:
      • Clicks may direct consumer to the client’s website
      • Click must spawn new tab or browser window
      • Clear/prominent call to action recommended
    • CPU Usage: Max Percentage: 20%
    • Serving and Tracking:
      • Third-Party tags from approved vendors.
      • If first-party serves creative, client 1×1 impression and click (redirect or appended) tags accepted
      • Up to two additional tracking pixels accepted.
      • Creative assets must not write cookies to the user’s computer (including Local Shared Objects, i.e., Flash Cookies).
      • By delivering creative to, the client will be representing and warranting no cookies will be written by such creative assets.
    • SSL Compliance:
      • All assets / creative elements comprising the ad being served–tags, images, tracking pixels, etc.–must be secure, i.e., be SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) compliant, make secure calls, and use secure URLs (https, protocol-relative URLs).
      • If a non-secure creative is served on the site, it can prompt a warning in the user’s browser, cause ad serving ad problems, or cause the entire page to be blocked.
    • Submission Lead-Time: Minimum 5 business days prior to campaign launch

    Date Modified: October 29, 2018

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