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General Guidelines


General Guidelines

  • Lead time for standard IAB banners: Five (5) business days
  • Ad unit content must not mimic site content and must have a one-pixel black border when the background is white.
  • Creative may not interfere with other computer applications or other components of the page.
  • Content referencing’s direct competitors is prohibited. Requests to include references to indirect competitors will be treated case-by-case as an exception. Ask your Campaign Manager for details.
  • All creative is subject to final approval by
  • All campaigns go live at midnight (ET) on the scheduled start date. There are no exceptions.

Expanded Units

  • A close button is required for the expanded creative pane in the upper right corner.
  • Expanded banner elements must maintain the prescribed Z-index range (0-4,999).

In-banner Video

  • Auto-play video is not permitted.
  • Video may omit controls until user initiates interaction (e.g. on mouse-over).
  • Upon user interaction, video controls must include Play, Pause, Mute or volume control to zero (0) output.

Click Strategy

  • For IAB banners, clicks may direct users to a device-optimized page on the client’s (advertiser’s) website.
  • Creatives must employ the target=_blank attribute (or similar) for click-outs to spawn a new tab or browser window (depending on user preference settings).
  • CTA (call-to-action) should be clearly displayed. When animation is present, render the CTA early in the animation sequence to promote user interaction.

Date Modified: September 28, 2020

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